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Products - compact corrosive products

compact corrosive products

compact corrosive products
Stainless steel structure coated with thermosoldable PVC plastic
Parts in contact with the product in PVC, PVDF and titanium.

Modular, linear equipment, filling machine with 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 nozzles, press-on and screw-on capper and labeling machine Versatile machine with Multi bottle format for filling bottles from 0,25 I to 5 I. and from 5 l. to 25 l. 
Suitable for corrosive products such as acids, alkalines and other sensitive products.

Titanium nozzles - for excellent durability and hygeine.
Fully automated operation, with full variable speed control.
Unscrambler included for sorting caps.
Multiple capping heads for different sized caps.
Stainless conveyor belts throughout the line, motioned by frequency inverters.
Easy cleaning CIP capable and minimal maintenance required
No need for format changes - quick in-line bottle adjustment (suited for contract bottlers)
Fast and efficient after-sales service local support available.