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Products - filling machine model mlv

filling machine model mlv

filling machine model mlv

Multiformat machine without stars wheels.
Filling machine

- Linear system.
-Multiformat machine for filling:
of 20 ml. up to 250 ml.
of 250 ml. up to 5,000 ml.
from 5,000 ml to 25 liters.

- Fully automatic and variable speed machines.
-Filling machine with 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and up to 30 dosing nozzles.
- Conveyors of entry and exit of stainless steel bottles. driven by speed variator motor.
-Easy to clean.
-Without stars wheels for format change.
-Agility and speed in our after-sales service.

-Complete lines to fill all type of liquids: oils, wines, water, milk, juice, alcohols, perfums, detergents, automotion liquids, acids, phytosanitaries, etc.
-Closer by pression and screwer, pilfer proof, pick'n'place with the possibility to adapt to other production lines.  
-Self-adhesive labellers. 
-Printers, coders.
-Transport belts of all kind of products.
-Bottle store lung.
-Pluggers and bottles elevators.
-Dosers for diferent types of products, to adapt to any packing line.
-Fitters for composed plugs.
-Carton forming machines.